This is the home page for the University of Wisconsin River Falls
Pre-Physical Therapy Club.  Which is a group of UWRF students who are
interested in pursuing careers in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy,
or Athletic Training, and other rehabilitation careers.
If you are a current UWRF student or faculty member and are interested in
joining or just getting more information on the Pre-Physical Therapy Club
you can contact us by e-mail at [[|]]
Pre-physical therapy club missions and visions
•        Our club will provide support for students who are interested in
pursuing a career in physical therapy, and other allied medical field
•        We plan on touring/observing hospitals, assisted living
facilities, and other specialized physical therapy related settings
•        Our long term goals are to provide new students who are
interested in physical therapy and other allied health professions with a
clear and focused academic plan as well as information and resources to
volunteer opportunities and preparation to graduate schools
•        Our mission is to prepare for our future careers by receiving and
utilizing our educational experiences at UWRF and in the surrounding
•        We vision our club to be a resource and a tool to create
relationships between students, facility, and leaders in the community. We
hope to learn from the medical professionals in our community and serve
back to them.
The Future of Physical Therapy
 - The vision of 2020 is that therapists own their own clinics
 - It is ranked in the top 10 jobs year after year and is projected to
stay there
 - It is a wonderful career to be in while still having a family due to
the many possible settings to work in and hours.
             Visions and Leadership for the Club
True leaders see things differently. Realizing that there is always room
for improvement and they believe that no one has ever done anything so
well that it cannot be done better.
For leaders, a vision is not a dream; it is a reality that has yet to come
into existence. Vision is palpable to leaders; their confidence in and
dedication to vision are so strong they can devote long hours over many
years to bring it into being. In this way, a vision acts as a force
within, compelling a leader to action. Every leader has one thing in
common. They are goal-oriented and passionate about their vision.
-David Heirschey-Professor at St. Thomas University
American Physical Therapy Association
Links to Graduate Schools:
    Check out these schools website, remember to be aware of what their
pre-reqs are, for some schools differ. If you are unsure if a class
fits the requirements, call the admissions office! Better to be safe
than sorry. Also note that most schools have a rolling application
process, meaning the earlier you apply, the better. The best of luck
to you!!
    - St. Kates (Minneapolis, MN) [[@]]
    - University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)
    -St. Scholastica (Duluth, MN)
    -Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN)  [[@]]
    - Carroll University (Waukesha, WI)
   - Concordia University Wisconsin (Mequon, WI)
    -Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) [[@]]
    -University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse (LaCrosse, WI)
    -University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI)